2018 SHOT Show Synopsis

Greetings MTC Fans,

I wanted to write a quick synopsis of how the 40th Annual SHOT Show went for us last week. We had a 10 x 10 booth under the British Pavilion, and I must say that we had steady traffic and high interest from many new potential customers not only from the US, but also from around the world.

By my count, we had right at 30 new potential dealers visit the booth and go through our product families and ask to get together again to put together opening orders. This is quite exciting, as at present MTC Optics America has just 8 dealers here in the US. We are going to make a push to add hopefully another 50 dealers during the course of 2018. If any of you reading this know of a potential dealer, or someone who you think I should reach out to, please have them contact me directly, or send me their contact info, and I will certainly do so.

If I were to highlight the products that received the most “Buzz” while we were at the show, it would have to be the Viper Pro’s, the Viper Connect’s were also well received. Our MTC Genesis is a hit with those who took the time to check it out. Finally, we had on display a prototype of the new First Focal Plane scope which is going to be called the Cobra. This 4 – 16 x 50 scope was very well received by those who looked through it. One thing I particularly liked about this scope chassis is that the reticle is very fine, and when you zoom up to the higher power, it does not overwhelm the target, and cover it up.

We are expecting this scope to be available here in the US in the spring.

Finally, the Rapier Rangefinder absolutely was a hit. I even had two different SWAT Teams visit our booth specifically to experience this incredible piece of equipment. If you have not checked this out, do visit our website and read up on the features. This rangefinder can be linked to a Bluetooth earpiece through a free smartphone APP and it literally speaks into your ear with the correct hold, or adjustments, depending on how you set it up. Absolutely amazing unit.

There you have it for now everyone. Again, if you know of a potential dealer, please give them my information, or let me know who they are, and I will reach out to them directly.

Thanks for reading!

Brad Bonar

Email: brad@mtcopticsamerica.com